When this event was announced officially, i was more then excited to come to southern California for it, the chronicles always has such amazing cars on his blog i figured that he wouldn’t disappoint. The event took place at the Eibach factory. It was substantially smaller then the annual Eibach meet, which turned out to be a good thing. if anyone has ever been to the Eibach meet you know how crazy and out of control it gets, parking miles away, police everywhere, stupid people being stupid, and the occasional disaster like the impounding of 1320’s integra. Year.Three brought NONE of this, i was amazed when i pulled up that there was ample parking, and no police. when i first walked in i was immediately blindsided by such amazing cars, my neck was breaking looking all over the place, i didn’t even know where to start taking pictures. a lot of very functional car were at this event, I’m loving it how there are less and less whack cambered civics every time i go to an event. I’m glad that phase is dying, it is all about the function now.after walking the front area for about an hour and a half we finally made it to the sides. this is where i was in for major let down. there was chivics and chintegras all over, i couldn’t even take pictures they would have broken the camera. this is the main reason i like how this event was not publicly advertised, so it keeps most of the crap out, but as always someone will find out. I was still VERY impressed to see the amount of amazing cars that made it to the event. two thumbs up for this event, i cant wait for year 4.

FLICKR with over 150+ pictures from the event. CLICK HERE

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