Well another wekfest gone by, it was much busier and colder then last year. This year also seemed to have more VIP style cars then I wanted to see, however there was still some amazing cars. My two favorites would have to be the 510 with the s2k motor, And the corolla with the turbo s2k motor in it. There was also the usual favorite civics and integras. And the main attraction the sportcar motion CRZ Freaking awesomeness. But as uasual the line was OUT OF CONTROL it is the most painful thing you will ever do, i was able to get a media pass this year but instead of ditching the people i was with to go in and take pictures since they had to wait to get tickets. I decided to be a nice guy and wait it out with them until they got in. We got in line at 11:45 am and didn’t get in till 3:30. So unfortunately i was not able to get pictures before the masses of people, how ever this will be the last time i do that. Aside from the line from hell, cold ass weather, stupid dumb ass people inline cutting and knocking over the barriers, and the fact that you had to park forever away and walk 5000 miles to get there. It was all still worth it and i would do all again, just because i love the excitement of going to theses events, and the caliber of the cars there. that is why i make the journey to them. i only wish they would have had pre sale tickets like they did at all other stops on the tour.

Anyway check out the pictures below. And then click the Flickr link to see all 175+ pictures. All are unedited as usual just to get the pictures up as fast as possible.

Click here for link to flickr CLICK CLICK

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