Dyno Chart

Dyno Chart

                 The other night i got a chance to dyno my Rb25 swapped s13. It was a charity at Force Fed racing in Las Vegas, one of there employees lost his girlfriend to cancer. so for 20 bucks you could do one run on their dyno and all donations went to funding a funeral and other bills. no torque numbers just Horsepower.i managed to pull 255 hp, not bad just a bit shy of what i was hoping for. my chart is a little shaky at the top end, one of the guys there said i need a colder spark plug. so i will be switching to a colder plug and hopefully that will help steady it out on he top end.

the ambient temp was 112.7f, it was a 4th gear pull from 35mph to 112mph
cool thing about RB motors or any non 4 cylinder motor is look at how quickly i get power.

i had a great time and im glad that Bobby talked me into going. it was the first time i have ever had any of my cars dynoed and i actually got to drive it while it was on the dyno which was very cool.

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