Door Bars

Door Bars

                                   As i draw nearer to the end of this cage i find it harder and harder to stay motivated, with the heat now reaching the 90s, and the start of my trip across america on Monday. I feel more and more like just ” ehh ill do it later ” or ” im not going to drive when its hot out, so ill just finish it in the fall.” But the feeling when you actually accomplish something and look back and say you did it makes everything worth it. In retrospect it really wasn’t that hard to do, Its harder to actually find the motivation to start the project, then the act of actually building it. But the end result always is worth it, and  i feel even more sense of accomplishment because I made it happen. By no means am i professional fabricator,but more or less a weekend enthusiast. In a little over two weeks while still working my day job, and finding the energy to do it on my days off and after i had gotten off work, the light at the end of the tunnel can be seen now. With the door bars now in, the cage as a whole is done minus the A pillar braces which is easy. now its just bitch work, take the carpet out, remove the sound deadening, paint the cage, fix the wire disaster, put the windshield in, and make a rear bash bar with jack point.

as per usual ever snapped some shots. I love his perspective because its not just boring pictures of a car, he adds life to the shots and makes them interesting to look at. you can easily tell the difference below because i took some pictures with my phone and it basically just shows the cage, no soul to it. then you can see his and the actually makes you feel, think, imagine,get excited, and enjoy 🙂

This is Evers car. one day he will finish it, but for now it hold his garage down.

Dry ice helps remove the sound deadening, its better to use the pellets but the are harder to find. spread it all over the sound deadening, leave on for about 10-15 then you should be able to hit the floor with a hammer and the stuff will just flake off in big pieces. be careful, dont get burned

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