Upon returning from our trip across country to pick up my sick new toy. I knew I really needed to finish my cage completely, this basically was just getting bobby to get me some 16g steel plate for the a pillar dimple dies, paint the cage, interior back in, dash cut to fit, glue in the window I failed to break upon removal, and some wiring. It seems like a lot but in reality it was very easy stuff to do, but with the weather heating up and I was also moving.  So it’s been pretty easy to just blow off working on the 240, but at the same time I was very excited to get it all running and drive it. So yesterday I finished it, changed the oil and almost took it to the car wash, but ever needed to pick up a gas tank for his 14 so he can finally get that thing running. So tomorrow Sunday June 1st I will officially complete the 240sx cage project, with a simple wash it will mark the completion of my project.
Had ever snap a few just to show what it looks like ( which according to Ian is the same as before) but anyway I’ll take some better ones after I get it washed tomorrow 

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