My work is done

My work is done

It’s official, Erics car is all the way done, K pro and tuned by church automotive. It’s an indescribable feeling to have seen this project from start to finish, too see the happiness that his car brings him makes everything worth it. In the beginning his expectation and desire to have the fastest street dominating car was a bit unrealistic, so to convince him that a k20 would be fast when all he wanted was to beat super cars and motorcycles was a bit of a challenge. But to be honest with him having that much power in a daily street car would be pointless, all you would do is spin out everywhere and lose races because you weren’t at a prepped  track rather on an inconsistent street. So I told him to have faith in me and let me build him a fast reliable car. With this weight on my shoulders and not knowing if an all motor k20 would meet his unrealistic demands for power, I proceeded to build his car.  I knew that a k20 would be more then enough power to make a fast car, especially in a civic hatch platform. Horsepower is just a number, it’s all about power to weight ratio and how you use the power. I hate people that say ” if we were at a track I would smoke you.” Or “if I had slicks I could beat you.” Eat a dick douche bag, don’t bring a gun to a knife fight. Always in the back of my mind I was worried that his car wouldn’t  be fast enough for him. But a month ago when I deliverd the car to him I was much excited when he was pleased with the performance of his car, and the constant phone calls trough the month to help drive home the fact that he loves it. Mind you this was PRE tune, stock ecu only making 210-220 hp to the wheels. 

So as of today I’m happy to say that the car is on kpro and completely tuned, with numbers exceeding my expectations  and his expectations. He couldn’t be happier that the car is making 250 hp and 174 ftlb torque. He realizes that he’s not going to be beating Ferraris and Lamborghinis but he is more then excited with the end result of it, which makes me feel very relived. 
I didn’t have cameras or anything so all the pics and videos are from my phone. So sorry in advance for quality. 
Throwing some new plugs in before the tune 

Thanks to justin my Honda hookup with out him this project would have cost a million bucks. 

At churches

And the final reaults. 

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