Door Bar Delete

Door Bar Delete

Now before you go and give me a hard time about taking out my door bars, let me explain my reasoning. My door bars we made almost 7 years ago, i made them out of .120 wall 1 3/4 heavy ass steel. it was just what i had laying around so i just decided to weld it in. Getting into and out of my car was a bit ridiculous, and when i would drive aggressively  i would always hit my elbow on it which was most uncomfortable. once i get the car back up and running all the way i plan to redo the whole cage. make it out of .095  1 1/2 steel. The last and silliest reason is as money continues to be tight i figured it would be a cheap thing to do and i would be working on my car at the same time! win win for me.


here’s a before and after just to get an idea.

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