Vegas Drift 1/28/17

Vegas Drift 1/28/17

This was the first event of the 2017 season, and it was held on my most favorite track of all the Vegas layouts the outside road course. With about only 20 drivers drifting on the actual road course (north course) and (main course) it left those drivers that showed up with more seat time than they could handle,not only was the drivers roster low but we were lacking event staff too.  I was asked to run the north course which is why photo coverage is low of this event, but I love helping out especially when i get to flag. Its a good feeling to be able to help give some advice or pointers to help drivers hone their skills,Its an even better feeling seeing them progress throughout the day because they get really stoked on drifting, plus i like being out on the track up close to the cars: the smell of the burnt rubber, race gas, the scream of the engine, the excitement of a good tandem, or even crazy amounts of tire smoke. I know it sounds cliche but all of those things and more are why i love going. However there were also some disappointing things as well: the turn out was so low for this event that it boggles the mind, this event being the only one in Vegas held on a real track and actual place where you can enter turns at 70+ mph, hit wide open throttle in third gears drifts, and have the opportunity to be able to run door to door with people. I’m baffled that more people don’t try and take advantage of it. I’m always seeing pictures and videos of people driving the “S turn” ( which is a popular Las Vegas spot ), warehouses, and parking lots which is fine i got nothing wrong with a little street skidding but you should also be going out to the Vegas Drift events and supporting the scene. Nick Dizon puts so much work into putting these events on that it almost seems to me to be a slap in the face to not want to come out and support the drifting scene, especially at such a great venue. The other issue i have is the amount of haggard cars out there, I’m sure I’m not alone when i say that i wish the missile car phase would just die. I’m not saying your has to look like a show car but at least have all your fenders on, have your car in good running condition, and make sure its reliable. Drifting should have some style, both your driving style and your car. you see too many people having shitty looking cars that can’t even link the course, not specific to this one event but just an overall opinion. all you need is a straight s13, red top, welded diff, and some coilovers. This combo would look respectable, be plenty of car to have fun with, and develop your skills on. Sorry i digressed a little there but ill get back on track here and finish the article, all in all it was a great day i had tons of fun, was able to help a few people, and got to hang out with some good peeps. please please please  the next time there is an event DRIVE! the event. you will learn so much in the one day that you will never learn at any “S turn.” most everyone there is super friendly and always willing to lend a hand, no one will make fun of you because you aren’t good at drifting, lets face people aren’t born knowing how to drift.  anyway you are there to get better at drifting, and if anyone there is going to make fun of you for not knowing how to drift at an event specifically for practicing drifting those people are idiots. So please… if you call your self a drifter you better damn well be at the DRIFTING event held in your home town. even if you can’t drive because your car is down, or you don’t have enough money. just show up anyway and support your local drifting event.


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