Fresh Wrapped LIMIT BREAK

Fresh Wrapped LIMIT BREAK

To get ready for the Past Vegas Drift event members of Limit Break Bobby and Edwin needed to make their cars all one color. due to recent updates to aero on each of their cars both of them had mis matched bumpers, fenders, and side skirts. they came up with the idea to wrap their cars and Ever was going to help them out. What started off good quickly escalated to running out of material and ever getting sick as all hell from trying to work two jobs and be up all night wrapping these guys cars. after 10 hours straight on edwin’s car the first day and still having to finish edwin’s bumpers the next day was another all day 14 hour wrap session with them being able to finish edwin’s car completely and almost half of bobby’s. the third day ever was down for the count and not able to help, but they had a bigger problem they had run out of material and with the event only days away there was not enough time to order it online and have it arrive with time to finish bobby’s car. Luckily Edwin was able to find a shop in town that had the exact color they were looking for. once they found the wrap, Bobby was able to finish the pieces of his car with some help from the whole Limit Break crew, it took more time than normal just because ever was the pro and with him out it was pretty much everyones first time wrapping. needless to say together everyone accomplished the mission of wrapping the cars. A point worth noting is wrapping a car is not much easier or much cheaper than painting a car, if you want it done correctly and with quality vinyl its going to cost you and its pretty labor intensive to wrap (if you want it to look good) there are up sides and down sides to each, wrapping or painting and will be debatable till death, but just weigh out your options. Anyways these guys got it all done and came out looking strong, the Friday night before the event not more than 5 hours before they had to be at the track i was able to throw together a little photo shoot of their cars. Because they looked amazing, and i wanted them to remember how good their cars looked if they didn’t make it through the weekend. both cars came out of the event still looking good, the first day Edwin blew up his side skirt on a cone, but was able to repair it the next day but that was the only major issue.

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