Vegas Drift “Sports Land Tamada”

Vegas Drift “Sports Land Tamada”

Last weekend Vegas drift put on one of the coolest events they have ever done! they replicated the kart course from Sports Land Tamada, a multi sport venue in Japan that hast multiple events such as, drifting, carting, motorcycle, mountain bike, gymkhana, and more. The main reason this event was so cool was the fact that it was a “hot lap” style event where like most events in Japan once you are flagged on the track you are welcome to do as many laps as you like (or your car will lets you) this also makes spectating a lot more fun. This event also was the first time in a very long time where you could tandem without a cage at Vegas Drift, which meant for a lot of people that it was time to put up or shut up. the event started out by having different levels of drivers split into groups that would go out for 30 min at a time in the respected group, but by mid day the first day it was apparent that there was some groups with only 1 or 2 cars out at a time. so they scratched that idea and decided to just let all groups go out when ever they wanted, this lead to more action for spectators. aside from the occasional hood fly up, or minor loss of body panels there wasn’t much carnage and most people¬†followed the rules quite well. I wasn’t able to make it on Sunday since i had to work so i wasn’t able to get too many pictures, and also i didn’t have a media pass so i was only able to take pictures from behind the K rail. below are some pictures of the event.


If you click the LAST picture it will take you to my FLICKR with more than 150 pictures from the event, below are just a few of my faves



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