New Supercar eXperimental

New Supercar eXperimental


A few years back Ever was presented with an opportunity to go “ALL IN” and try to make the biggest financial mistake thus far. Buying an actual sports car, and were not talking some hopped up civic, 30-year-old 240sx, S2000, Evo, or STI. We are talking about a full on purpose-built exotic/super/track car, one with actual pedigree, one designed in wind tunnel, with power to weight ratio, and braking on the fore front of design, one where an actual race car drivers had a say in the design of it. A car that would eventually become Evers forever car. Now just imagine if you had in the ballpark of high-five figures to spend on your dream car… what would you buy? seems like an easy enough question right? but actually start to think… what would you be happy with for the rest of your life? what are some of the features or specs of a car that would be your forever car? what could you live with or without? Am I making the best bad decision? these are the questions that started to go through his mind, it’s a very big and important decision and rarely are you given the opportunity to make a decision like this.  You will always want more, and the fear of regret for making the wrong decision and possibly wasting your money on the wrong car is a heavy burden to bear.

Here are some of the cars that were on his “list. E92 M3, R35 GTR, 981 Porsche Cayman,Mercedes AMG C63, and the NA1 NSX. Now he M3 was very promising one of the best FR chassis around with tons of power too, but Ever was having the hardest time finding one that was Black, carbon roof, manual, and low miles. Not to mention that aftermarket parts we outrageously expensive for it. Next was the GTR, now this is a technologically advanced sports car that almost takes the human element out of the driving experience with every driver aid pretty much possible to help you achieve the fastest lap time. There is nothing wrong with that, but would it be as fun to drive? would he actually be able to improve his driving skill and techniques with it? not to mention that all of them are auto ( or not an actual stick shift) for lack of better words, plus buying 20” R888R’s is pretty pricey. The biggest issue really was that it was auto. on to the Porsche Cayman which was really on the top of his budget which wouldn’t allow for much modifications right away. you have to figure that we are talking 4 years ago so the price was much higher than they are now for a used one. As for the C63 AMG it was only available in auto as well, besides having tons of horsepower there wasn’t much it had to offer. Another one of the other key factors he was looking for was that the car wasn’t really too common, he thought about the feeling he gets when he sees those cars on the street. How do they make him feel, how exciting are they to look at, which one made him fizz the most…. On a side note that one thing i can say about the NSX, people love it, when they see it they just have to smile. They just have to take a picture of it. you have genuinely made their day, and they are going to go home and tell as many people as they can about it. I think its awesome to share the master piece that is the NSX with the world. everybody sees M3’s, everybody sees GTR’s they are almost to vanilla now. The NSX is the Neapolitan of cars…ehhhh well you get what im saying. So please don’t tell me that he should have gotten a WRX or EVO! his goal was not to buy a cheaper car and make it stupid fast, the goal was to buy a car that would always make him feel good every time he looked at it, every time he walked into the garage he would never have a doubt in his mind that he bought the wrong car. yea sure maybe the NSX isn’t the fastest thing he could have bought. or even the best handling thing he could have bought, but at the end of the day he was a buying a platform for which he could always improve on for years to come. so lets circle back, the NSX was able to provide all things he was looking for. it wasn’t at the top of his budget so he had some left to spend to fix it up, it was a unicorn and would go down in history as the best car Honda ever made, it would be worldly respected by car collectors forever, it was VTEC, it was black, it was a manual, and it was a thoroughbred sports car designed by F1 royalty.

Now before you go off thinking that ever is a well off trust fund baby, and it MBN to have an NSX, or that he hasn’t worked his ass off to get to where he is. Lets remember that Ever and I are probably much older than you think, and that Ever has put in more than 15 years working at Whole Foods and gave it all up to pursue his dream of working for himself as a tattoo artist. currently he works two jobs, 15 hours a day, 5 days a week with extra work on the other days if its available, or if he has an appointment for tattooing on an off day. Also not having children or wife helps keep living costs to a low, so he can eat top ramen or cold cereal for dinner when things get tough.

On to the story of purchasing it… What an ordeal it was, now that he knew he wanted an NSX it was all hands on deck searching for the healthiest unicorn around. One lead almost took us to Florida but after some sketchy issues with the title he opted not for that one, months would go by every lead ending up a bust, or already sold. But most just had too many miles, too many owners, or too many “let me explain it to you” situations. One day on his daily search of his top 5 sites he stumbled across “THE ONE” it was just posted 1 hour earlier, he sprung into action emailing the guy to see if it was still available, the guy got back to him pretty quickly, so ever had to call his bank and move something around so we could drive to southern California that evening to get the car. When we arrived a this guys house we were pretty out-of-place, the guy basically lived in a mansion with an 8 car detached garage. now for those of you that know Ever he doesn’t really look like the kind of guy that would be buying a high-end mid engine sports car. anyway the guy was very polite and ever took it for a test drive we jacked up the car and looked in every nook and cranny. clearly this guy want trying to pull a fast one on us ( i can only imagine the cars he had in the other garages.) Now the story gets interesting So we live in Vegas and it about a 5 hour drive to where the car was. We get there ever drives it loves it and it ready to buy, but wait there is a problem Ever doesn’t have cash. He was planning on doing a wire transfer but unfortunately it wasn’t working. This made for a very awkward situation, if i wasn’t sure that the guy thought we were trying to scam him before, i was sure that he thought it now. Ever’s now on the guys personal computer logging into his (evers) account and asking for the guys routing number or something so he can try to transfer the money. I’m just thinking in my head how embarrassed i am that this isn’t working, how this guy probably thinks we are just some scum bags trying to scam him, and it didn’t help that his wife kept coming in asking ” why is he on our computer?” “don’t give him our information” the lady was a total stuck up bitch. We ended up driving back to Las Vegas empty-handed, we told the guy we would be back the next night to buy the car cash. The guy was very polite and very respectful, but cmon what would you be thinking if Ever and I came to your house with Evers 18-year-old nephew saying that we had all the money to buy your NSX and then have problems getting the bank to transfer money into your account. You would think that this was some sort of “prince of Tunisia” scam shit going on. The next day ever got the cash out of the bank and we drove back down there and paid for it in cash, unfortunately the guys wife wasn’t there to see Ever pull all those racks out and slap them down. The guy seemed pretty surprised that we came back and actually had the money, but like a true gentleman he played it cool and was very nice to us the whole time. he did however mention that there was another guy that was interested in the car and wanted to come get it if we didn’t come back the next night to get it. From the guys house we drove directly to the Little Cesar’s and feasted on some cheap ass pizza with a Mid engine super car parked right outside. this is when it all started to sink in, after that we gassed up and drove back to Vegas. i had to drive his nephews truck back with his nephew and ever was riding solo in the NSX, im pretty sure he smiled all the way back to Vegas. Since he was alone in the car and it was night-time there is no way to prove it, and no way is ever going to admit to smiling or being happy. He has to keep up his image of being the darkest man around.

So what did Ever buy: A 1991, Berlina Black NA1 NSX, 50,000 miles i call it 1.5 owners since it was a father son car. Father bought it brand new in 1991 in northern California and then passed it on to the son in early 2000’s. Carfax report matched up with the history of the car. clean title and service history receipts too. the car was pretty much too good to be true and he’s very lucky to have come across one like this. there we a few issues but just purely due to its age and the fact that it sat in a garage for most of its life, valve cover gasket had a little leak, and the hood dampers didn’t hold up the glass hood, CV boots dried and cracked. As with most cars that are 20 years old.



Engine/Transmission: Mugen intake system,Scienceofspeed advanced  headers, and test pipes, Pride exhaust, new NGK plugs and OEM fuel filter, ScienceofSpeed Billet Twin Carbon 700 Clutch & Flywheel Set, scienceofspeed clutch damper kit, A/C delete

Suspension: KW club sport coilovers, pole 2 flag Bladed ARB v. 2.0 Front & Rear Bars, NSXr front chassis reinforcement bars

Wheels/tires Volk TE37 18×10.5 295/30 rear 17×9 245/40 front toyo R888r, Rays lug nuts

Brakes: Spoon mono block calipers, Hawk HP+ pads, NA2 stoptech front slotted rotors, stop tech rear slotted rotors hawk HP+ pads, pole 2 flag stainless steel brake lines, pole 2 flag ABS delete kit with brake bias valve

Exterior: H badges front and rear, down force rear carbon diffuser, front lip, minor fender roll to fit wheel and tore combo

Interior: NSXr cluster, works bell hub, vertex wheel, momo wheel, buddy club rails Bride zieg III not pictured just because it’s on 3 month back order from japan, radio delete.

Here are the pictures, as always the first one is a link to the flickr of 40+ pictures of this Unicorn


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