Vegasdrift 6-8-18

Vegasdrift 6-8-18

Limit break boyz headed out to the Vegasdrift practice event last night, so i figured i would tag along and take some shots. it was a night event so i was pretty much praying and spraying as i took pictures, its hard for me to get good pictures at night as i don’t have much actual training on how to set up the camera for night shots, and im kinda working out of the capabilities of the equipment. but what ever, i know most people don’t care how “professional” pictures of them look as long as it looks good on a 3 inch screen on instagram they don’t care either way.

Another thing that grinds my gear about these events is that people pay money for the whole event but only end up going out a few times, its almost more of a social thing and as long as they are their and other people see them do a couple hot laps then they can still call themselves drifters. take this however you want, and im assuming if you’re one of those people then right now you’re offended. Don’t be just know that you are not very passionate about drifting and thats ok. just don’t come crying to me if i didn’t take a lot of pictures of your car (if any) because you weren’t on the track very much. there wasn’t very people at this event which meant there was tons of seat time, this is the perfect opportunity for beginners to get out on the big track and try to learn how to drift with out the help of water. i did see some people that made their way from the wet track to the main track, but i would have liked to seen more. Don’t tell me that you aren’t good enough or that your car isn’t powerful enough. just get out there and practice, thats what this event was… a PRACTICE event. don’t be worried about being embarrassed of how good you are everyone out there that is good has started right where you are, spinning out every turn, not being able to connect the course. but as long as you are out there you are getting better little by little learning how the car respond to different situations, and how different styles of entries can either be your style or not, its a learning process. please excuse me im still tired, hungry, thirsty from last night as i stood out there taking pictures with no food or water for 7 hours. ill stop no before i go and piss some other people off.


Heres the Pics you can click this first picture and it will take you to my flickr with over 100 pictures from yesterday





And below are a few of the ones i liked 



When edwin was pulling into the event his slave cylinder decided to take a crap, so he had to wait 2 more hours for Bobby to bring him another one. but he was still able to get it all fixed and make it out there.


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