Vegasdrift 5/29/19

Vegasdrift 5/29/19

I probably have more friends that drift than I have that drive Hondas. This means for me its great to head out to our local grassroots drift events held by Vegasdrift and hang out, talk shit, and watch some people beat on their cars. I have known Nick Dizon, the man behind Vegasdrift for about 10 years, and he always welcomes me with open arms and treats me as family. As some of you may know I used to drift a while back, and was a regular at these events. ┬áNick and his staff always put on amazing events, and make being able to drift your car in a more legal way more accessible to everyone. So for me now that I don’t drift anymore I still try to head out to as many events as I can to support Vegasdrift and Nick. While I’m there I try to help out with duties around the event that help make the events run smooth, keep in mind that everyone that is “working” the event is doing it all on a volunteer basis, and solely because they enjoy drifting or just motorsport in general. In between talking shit, and helping out I try and snap as many pictures as possible.

Vegasdrift hosts a lot of night events just due to the fact that it gets hot in Vegas. Shooting pictures at night has always been my achilles heel, its both challenging because I don’t have the best equipment for night shooting, and my overall lack of photographic skill. so unfortunately I don’t have too many pictures from the event. But as with anything, practice makes perfect, so please enjoy the little bit of pictures that i did manage to snap.


Forest Wangs car always photographs really well, and its also always smoking the tires beyond belief, which helps add that wow factor to the picture.


This is very beautifully demonstrated with Ian’s Ka24de swapped corolla, sans smoke.


Some of you readers might recognize this car below from a feature we did on it a few months back.  Recently the car was sold by Pete to his good friend Dalton.





Obviously the best car at the “drift event” was this FK8 CTR. If anyone reading this knows him, please have him reach out to me.


Only bad thing about the wet track is how much it dirty’s the car, thus making it not so photogenic.


Obviously pictures come out WAY better during daylight. Unfortunately I had to work till 5:30pm that night, then drive all the way across town to the event. But along the way I met up with Ever and he needed to eat cause he was hungry. By the time we got to the event I only had about an hour of useable daylight.


I freaking LOVE this guy above!

Ever says grainy images look better black and white. So since I was shooting at a higher ISO it was naturally grainier. He says it adds “soul” to the photos. You be the Judge.



I hope you enjoyed taking a look at the pictures I was able to take… Remember while is heavily focused on Hondas, we also enjoy other type of motorsport, modified cars, and just about anything where someone is enjoying a vehicle that they have modified in some way on their own. Cause lets face it there is no better feeling in the word then installing a new part on your car then taking it out and smashing on it.

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