Well today ended up being hell, i was sooo tired and sore from walking all over the place Monday and Tuesday. I heard that it was a total of 2,000,000 square feet of automobiles, and auto related tools and products. today also seemed to be the busiest day. With over 145,000 people the were estimated to show up, it felt like they were all there today. It was nearly impossible to get pictures because there always seemed to be someone right in the way, or running into me.i still plan to make it back the next two days just for a few hours each day since my real job will keep me from spending 10 hours a day at SEMA. i still managed to take over 200 pictures, some are repeats from past days but only because i felt it was worth more pictures. please take the time to go through all the pictures on FLICKR there is many many sick ass cars that dont make it to the top 5-7 pictures that i post on the blog.

200+ pictures on FLICKR CLICK HERE

 sema pt3 213
sema pt3 005
sema pt3 026
sema pt3 045
sema pt3 169
 sema pt3 247

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