My civic

My civic

This is the build up of my 1995 civic vx. back in 2000 i used to live in southern California and have a 1994 civic cx, that was my street racing car. we were going to all the southern California street races, Compton, Carson  Ontario, sun valley, city of industry, and some others. the car was a beast. it was a fully built b16. you gotta realize that back then that was considered to be fast. anyway a career opportunity opened up for me in las vegas so to fund my move and new life in las vegas i had to sell my baby, she had such buzz words as portflow head, type r internals, cusco, tein, recaro, and other jdm parts that were the rage at the time.
so ever since i sold the car i had a void in my life so 5 years later a friend of mine at work said he was going to sell his car which was a 1995 civic vx white and clean body and title. had a swapped d16z6 so it was peppy lol. the plan all along was to put a b16 in it, so after a couple of years of doing suspension mods and putting a roll cage in and some other things.i was able to save up and throw a b16 in it.
Im rolling on 9 lb N1 performance wedsport copys
when i did the wheels i also installed arp wheels studs and a full front and rear GSR disc brake swap, with upgraded master cylinder and prop valve, and booster
i also picked up a crow cam lock five point harness
here is the parts list that got installed when i did the motor swap… AEM type r 3″ cold air intake, buddy club spec 3 exhaust, jdm type r 4-1 header, skunk 2 test pipe, has sport black billet motor mounts, has sport, shift linkage, has sport axles, clutch master 12 lb flywheel, act 6 puck unsprung clutch wwith hd pressure plate, buddy club short shifter, hondata intake manifold, benen fuel rail, b&m FPR with marshall liquid gauge, new oem knock sensor and other oem misc too, rc fuel injectors
JHP usa purple complete hose kit, and other misc oem parts


as the car sits now, these are all the mods it has…

Engine: Sir2 b16a with 2000 civic si tranny, 2 layer headgasket, type r intake manifold, type r cams, earls black braided fuel line, RYwire stainless steel clutch line, omni power clutch master cylinder, oem spark plug wires, ngk irridium plugs, mishimoto radiator, along with all parts listed above.

Suspension: tein mono flex coilovers, F7 rear LCA’s with spherical bearings, asr sub frame brace, beaks lower bar, front and rear suspension techniques sway bars, full energy suspension bushing kit, rear home made strut bar and triangle brace, front PWJDM triangle bar.

Brakes: full gsr brake swap, 40/40 prop valve, LS booster,LS master cylinder, front stoptech slotted rotors, with hawk + brake pads, arp wheel studs.

Exterior: N1 performance wedsport style wheels 9lbs each, falken azenis rt615k, spoon style front lip, spoon style carbon rear duck bill, home made tow hooks, fog lights.

Interior: keys suede steering wheel, oudula quick release hub, jdm cluster, circuit hero shifter extension, buddy club shift knob, knock off racing seat, crow 5 point cam  lock harness, home made roll cage.

* updated*


sold the B16 and went K series.