VegasDrift Smoke sessions

VegasDrift Smoke sessions

                                last nights Vegas Drift practice event was a crazy one for our driver Joey Sproul, who broke his tranny on his first run out which cut his night really short. Then my good friend August with the S2000 had his drain plug fall out and he lost all his oil. Other then those major events the night went smoothly for everyone else. These events are a great way to get out and practice, the whole Vegas Drift staff is awesome and super nice. No one is there to judge you or bag on you cause your not that good. everyone is just there to have fun, so i would really suggest trying to make these events. This last event only had about 12 cars there. So if you have thoughts about going to these events but aren’t sure, you really should its great fun. The only bad thing about it was how HOT it was, since it was so hot i didn’t really feel like taking pictures so i only shot a few, and then took some videos with the GOPRO. The videos are of Penguin, he is running an S14 with a totally stock SR20 with A/C, stock boost, stock manifold, stock everything. Not to mention he is trying to spin 18×10 wheels, and with all that he still manages to pull it off.

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