Chester’s FK8

Chester’s FK8

A few weeks ago at the Vegas Drift event I stumbled across Chester’s Civic Type R, which at the time I did not know it was Chester’s or even who Chester was. It was parked inside the event next to a few other drift cars, all incognito just like a wolf amongst sheep, and for me it was amazing to see such a tastefully built FK8 here in Vegas. When I did a write up on the Vegas Drift event I even included a picture of his CTR, with a caption reading “best car at the drift event” I also wrote that if anyone knew who’s car this was, please have them reach out to me so I could take pictures of it. So about two weeks later surprisingly I was contacted by Chester via DM stating he was in fact the owner of the Type R. I was not only excited about shooting his car, but more so about the fact that enough people read my blog that I was able to find out who’s car this was, and connect with him.

Along with all the blog stuff I do, I have full time job. This makes it hard when trying to set photo shoots up because it’s very rare that both parties have the same availability. After bouncing a couple of messages back and fourth, we were able to come up with the that only day he would be available that I would sort of be available was Thursday. fortunately Its summer time which means its light out longer, so when I get off work at 5pm I’m still able to take photos since its still daylight out for a few hours. (this makes content even harder to get during the winter)

So it was set then we would meet up and then drive to the speedway to take pictures. The last time we were at the speed way (for the last track day) afterwards we went and shot some photos inside the nascar track, so that was going to be my destination for todays shoot. Upon arrival I immediately noticed a small kink in the plan… They had actually installed some fencing that was now blocking the access we previously had. Since we were already there I decided that we would just make it work.

Chester’s car doesn’t have that many bells and whistles, but let’s be honest what else really does an FK8 need. Chester bought his car brand new from Honda West about a year and a half ago, and since then has slowly built it to what you see here. It’s also worth noting that this is his daily driver. A really cool fact about his car (other than it being a Type R) is that it is actually Type R number 00510. Now days FK8’s are up into the 25k range. There are many opinions of the FK8… Its a cheater car, it looks to ricey, it looks like an STI, some people are mad that it didn’t stay true to the original Type R recipe of being N/A. Love it or Hate it, there is no denying that it is an engineering marvel, and quite an amazing car. No matter how much you hate it you must admit that what it can do on a track is down right impressive. Aside from a few set backs like overheating issues, the car is pretty damn capable out of the box. I’ll admit that when they first came out I wasn’t too into the look, and I was mad that it wasn’t N/A. But like most things that are new and different they eventually grow on people. Now I feel privileged to even be around such a car, just to be in its presence is an awesome experience. Like all Type R models previous to this one, they will always be a true testament of what Honda can do, and when they want to, they can design cars that truly blur the lines between race car and street car.

The modifications he has to the car are:

  • Swift spec R springs
  • 19×9.5 +45 Volk ZE40 square set up
  • 255/35 Hankook Ventus v12 evo2 tires all around
  • Remus exhaust, with electronic valve
  • Mugen Carbon shift knob
  • OEM window visors

Im so happy I was able to meet Chester and take pictures of his car, because now I know another person that is passionate about Hondas locally in Vegas. I think that is one of the best things about having my blog, it allows me to meet new people and it allows me to get to see some really awesome cars up close. Thanks again Chester for taking the time to bless me with the presence of your beautiful FK8.



If you wish to look at all the 130+ pictures from the shoot, you can click the link below to my FLICKR


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