Kaiju Motorsports Grand opening Meet

Kaiju Motorsports Grand opening Meet

Ever since I have lived in Vegas (since 2003) there has always been a void here when it comes to aftermarket parts for any sort of vehicle. I have always “wished” there was a shop in town that would carry top tier parts, fluids, and be knowledgeable or well versed in any type of project you were doing. Yea sure, ordering online is what we all do most of the time anyway. But it’s always such a risk when you’re unsure of what will actually fit your car or not. What about those times when you need something ASAP? Like maybe you are bleeding your brakes and you run out of fluid before the system is completely bled, and you would really rather not wait for a few days for it to ship from California. Or how about the time when you are unsure what part will fit your car, and you are looking for someone who is actually knowledgeable and can guarantee what part will actually fit your car. Well this is where Kaiju Motorsports comes in… Long time Import aficionado Brian Camacho decided that, he too was sick of there being a void when it came to quality shops, that promote the use of quality parts for properly built cars in Las Vegas. The fact that Brian has 15+ years’ experience in the import scene, has built many different types of cars, and has participated in many motor sport events throughout the years makes him incredibly knowledgeable and well rounded. Whether you are building a drag car, a track car, or just an all-around fun daily, he can help get you set up in the right direction. I’m so excited that this shop is open and am looking forward to seeing how it can help impact the car scene, and improve the caliber of car that Las Vegas produces. I truly feel that if good quality parts are more accessible in town, it will make it easier for people to buy something that is top quality. Rather than going to shops that only focus on Chinese knock off/eBay style parts. A lot of the import community doesn’t even know any better, and we can’t place all the blame on the car owner, they just have money they want to spend and when the only option is cheap crap then that’s what they will buy.

Kaiju Motorsports is not a Honda only shop. In fact a lot of the customers are Subaru enthusiasts, and they are also building a crazy R32 skyline at the moment. With that being said, there is room for all makes and models there, of which Surprisingly they are knowledgeable in all of. check out their Instagram @kaijumotorsports

Please if you are in Las Vegas, make sure you find time to go down to Kaiju Motorsports in Henderson NV, just off the 95 and sunset near the hurricane harbor water park. Say hi to Brian, he really wants the shop to be a place where you can go and hang out, ask questions, learn, or see what they are currently working on. Remember you can’t complain about the car scene in Vegas if you do nothing to help it.

So on to the meet! while the caliber of car was very high, there wasn’t too many cars that actually showed up. This was a good thing because it kept the meet small and personal. Kaiju Motorsports even had a taco guy there grilling up some free food for all patrons of the meet, even though I can’t speak from personal experience since I don’t like meat that hasn’t been ground up. I can speak for the others who ate the tacos and said “these are fire.” Another thing was the parking lot wasn’t the best for taking jaw dropping pictures since the whole thing is kind of at a 5% slope, But none the less I tried my best to snap some good shots.


I don’t know a lick about this amazing Integra… other than he lives in Vegas. (but I would like to know more)


if you notice on Brain’s FK8 he actually has Te’s on one side and Ze’s on the other. FMUF!


Here is two more FK8’s that were there.



and another. There was actually one more but it left before I started taking pictures.



OK, OK enough with the CTR’s.



Brian’s also the owner of this amazing EK hatch. Originally owned/built by Tim crane, and Rcrew, then Duane at R compound bought it, and now its Brian’s.


Like I stated above… a lot of his customers are Subaru/Scion enthusiasts.



They have a shit ton variety of Motul, oil, brake fluid, (600 and 660), and gear oil.


The car above is supercharged.

Like I said the lot made it hard to get good shots, if I didn’t shoot your car its just because it was parked too close to another car.


the car above is turbo charged


This S2000 used to be our friend Corey’s, but now it belongs to our other friend Donovan. it is also supercharged.


My car backed in looking like a pile of crap compared to all the other stuff there. It’s ok though, I love this thing. I like racing people slowly.


Both Bobby, and Edwins cars are SR powered.


Edwins wheels specs are 18×11/18×9.5


Nate approve’s.

And Bobbys car.(and Nate’s car chilling in the background)


Bobby’s wheel specs are 18×10.5/18×9.5


Just as we started to leave as we rolled out on to the main street, Bobby’s car began making a clucking noise. we pulled into the gas station and…


Turns out his pinion gear broke. No worries though he needed an excuse to install the diff I welded for him ages ago, and switch over to 350z axles. He has all the parts he just needed a reason to tear it all apart, and swap everything over. Spinning those baller wheels is hell on the driveline. He has already broke 2 SR20 trans (which are weak anyways), then went to a z33 trans. Those wheels are just going to keep finding the weakest link in the driveline until he has upgraded the whole thing. But its worth it cause they look cool though.


So we waited at the gas station until Dalton was able to bring his trailer over and pick up Bobby. I wish I would have taken pictures of us loading the trailer, even Bobby said I should take pictures. but for some reason I didn’t. so this is where our story ends.

Thanks again for reading, I hope some of you Las Vegan’s make it down to Kaiju Motorsports to check it out, and help support the scene.



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