Imperfectly Perfect

Imperfectly Perfect

If you were into imports in the late 90’s or even early 2000’s there was no better car to get than a 1992-95 civic hatchback (except for a Integra type r), call it what you like EG, or EH either way it was the holy grail of being an enthusiast of imports. With its incredible lightness, its ease to work on, pretty much anything off an Integra was a direct bolt on/upgrade. these little civic’s were highly sought after for many reason but mainly because they were so light and you put a B series engine in it with ease, thus making for an awesome power to weight ratio. of course these little hatches are still highly sought after, but clean ones are disappearing at an alarming rate. As street racers continue to hack the cars to death for the quest of being the lightest, and by now its hard to find one that isn’t on its 5th or 6th owner who have all rapped the hell out of it. cutting, stripping, or crashing them and then selling them off for an inflated price because everyone knows how great these car are.

in the late 90’s as i went through high school i would fantasize  about getting one of them, I would browse through super street and see Lisa Kubo’s civic an thinking how much i wanted one, not to mention Dylan and Lee from FF squad. But in the back of my head i knew that this wasn’t going to be possibility,my family didn’t have too much money. I ended up getting a family car hand me down, a 1988 Toyota corolla FX. Nope not even the FX16 mine was the carbureted 8 valve SOHC automatic POS. but i wasn’t complaining at 16 years old it was pretty cool to have your own car. I still had a huge interest in cars, imports specifically so i tried to modify my corolla as much as i could. I got a custom magnaflow cat back welded on, painted my wheels black, changed my automatic shift knob to a carbon one from pep boys, and would always pray for rain so i could do burn outs. in 1999 i was working at Wholefoods, and the Hermosa car was trying to bank as much money as i could so that i could eventually get an EG.  My good friend ended up getting a 1993 civic and was able to convince his parents to buy him a GSR swap for it cause he told them it would get better gas millage ( thats a true story). They ended up buying him the swap with the stipulation that if he got one speeding ticket he would have to sell it. this was my gateway into imports i was officially hooked, we would hang out at a local speed shop in Torrance California called NYCE motorsports where I learned a lot from Matt and Kevin the two owners, eventually i quit working at he carwash to work as a shop bitch right across from NYCE motorsports with a guy named Steve Taylor, the shop operated under the name of TECH 43. while working there for almost a year I learned so much about Hondas, and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity that i was given however this time in my life was very strained and confusing for me and I ended up realizing that i didn’t want to make my hobby my job it took all the fun out of it. So i ended up quitting and just working only at Wholefoods. During this time i was able to find a way to get my own EG Civic, it was the best of times i was so happy and working at a shop opened up many ways for me to end up finally getting a B16 with a Fully built head from Tom at portflow, type r cams 4.7 type r tranny and a lot of other goodies. I used to take it to the street races all over Carson, Compton, Ontario, and Sylmar.  You gotta figure that in 2000 that was actually a pretty quick car.

well inevitably My friend got a speeding ticket in his GSR hatch so he had to sell it but luckily enough one of my other friends was able to buy it so we were able to keep it in the family. buy this time my obsession was spiraling out of control i was 18 and was able to get credit cards to buy more stuff for my civic, and not to mention tickets from going to street races 4-5 times a week. So much had happened to me in two years of my life that i knew that i was not headed in a good direction, an opportunity at Wholefoods came up and it involved moving out to Las Vegas to open the first Wholefoods in Las Vegas. After much soul searching i figured it would be best for me to get outta southern California,after talking it over with my dad and My girlfriend ( the same one i have now) i sold my car to pay off all my debts, and in 2003 we moved to Las Vegas i was only 19 and my girlfriend was 18. we sold everything we had, we bought a queen size bed and with only some clothes and a skateboard we moved out to Las Vegas. No car, No tv, not even a couch! we had no car and we would walk and skate to work. life was difficult to say the least. i vowed to never be into Imports again, we ended up buying a ford ranger (which i still have today) and i got into Prerunner trucks. I always regretted selling my civic and felt like there was always a void missing because Hondas were my true passion, having a prerunner was only a bandaid. fast forward to 2007 and a co worker of mine said he had a white 1995 civic vx for sale. i knew right then and there that this was a calling, and that i had to jump on this. since we worked together i was able to set up a bi weekly payment plan with him. The rest is history…

Throughout the years it has gone from D16z6, B16a, to now being K20 powered. I have picked up many other hobbies throughout the years, but one thing will always remain the same. My love for my Honda civic. its more that a material possession for me, It may not be my original civic that i once owned but to me it still holds just as much sentimental value to me. It reminds me of the big sacrifice i made to move on with my life and mature as an adult. I had so many monumental things happen to me in my old civic that i felt like if i didn’t get a civic back in my life it would almost seem that i would forget about all the good times i previously had. Meeting the love of my life, learning so much about Hondas and being a part of a booming import scene in southern California, also very many bad times and life changing events. no matter what it was i could always get in my civic and my problems would just disappear. this is the very reason that it is so important that i was able to find another civic exactly like the one i had before.


SOOO sorry to bore you with such a long heartfelt story. on to the real reason why you are here, to read about the specs of my civic and see some pictures of it.

In a world where people are so hell bent on stupid amounts of horsepower, tucked and shaved, and stanced cars its hard to find people that truly appreciate a good quality build. People on the interweb are only worried about popularity and seem to only build cars based on styles that are popular, and over time you will see people jump from style to style just to stay relevant, you gotta stay true to yourself. My civic is built to be a reliable as possible, no crazy amounts of horse power here, I’m not taking it to TX2k18. sure my civic is clean i wax it and try to keep it looking as good as possible, its not going to win any shows. Functiontheory is based on the beliefs that you should build you car for a function, It can be any form of car as long as you build it the best way possible, no cheap eBay parts, no hack job swaps, not just having a slammed car and wheels, and not building a car for likes or popularity, you should truly embody what ever style you chose and do it as properly as possible. it doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as in the end you are happy. it has taken me more than 2 years just to get my swap running. if you have to just keep your car stock until you save up enough money to do major things to it I.E. real coilovers, real wheels, a real motor swap not just a JDM d15. roof wings, BWR braces, and hids, and rotas are not cool if its the only thing you have done to your car. these are cheap and easy modifications and will only get you classified as a ricer.

My car isn’t the cleanest thing but i built it to enjoy it, i keep it tasteful and clean. if it was a show quality car then i would be afraid to drive it because i would be worried about rock chips and dents.

  • Its a 1995 civic vx.
  • JDM DC5 K20 swapped, Hasport black anodized mounts, RRC intake manifold, Skunk2 alpha header, karcepts fuel system, Ktuned ram air intake with velocity stack, Ktuned P/S delete, spoon sports valve cover and oil cap, AEM FPR marshall gauge, hondata Thermal intake manifold gasket, custom 3 inch header back straight through exhaust, hybrid racing passenger side radiator, ktuned hoses. hondata Kpro V3 tuned by church, has port wiring harness
  • JDM DC5 trans, Ktuned billet shifter, OEM ITR flywheel, Exedy stage 2 clutch, insane shafts axles, Ktuned traction bar, karcepts clutch line, spoon spots shift knob.
  • PWJDM front triangle strut bar, suspension techniques front sway bar, TEIN mono flex coilovers, energy bushings throughout the suspension, bolt in cage with welded on extra bracing, homemade rear c pillar brace and strut bar combo, ASR rear subframe brace, F7 spherical bearing lower control arms, Eibach rear sway bar
  • Mini cooper front rotors with NSX calipers, stop tech pads all around, SS brakes lines all around, NSX brake booster/master cylinder, stop tech brake fluid, 40/40 prop valve
  • Enkei PF01 15×8 +34 wheels with 205/50 federal RSR tires, 15 mil front spacer, and 5 mil rear spacer
  • no name racing seat, crow harness, jdm cluster PWJDM carbon kevlar airbag block off, cut dash, no radio or speakers, Honda optional radio block off


Below like usual is a picture to click on to go to my flickr to see all the pictures of my car. just move your cursor over the first smaller picture


Below are just my favorite shots!



2 thoughts on “Imperfectly Perfect

  1. Very nice build, I like the rich history you have with these EG’s. I am in the process of restoring another EG very similar to yours. Are you having any issues with the 15×8’s by chance as I am torn with the same enkei rims but can’t decide between the 7 or 8’s. Any potential on swapping out for a built 2.4 bottom end by chance, I’ve been mulling that over as well lately.

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