My Civic v11.0.2

My Civic v11.0.2


February 2017….

I was in a ‘little’ motorcycle accident.  I was off work for about three months, and by the time I was ready to come back from it all my life was spiraling outta control.  

Disability checks weren’t comping in, work stuff was falling apart and then right when I got back……the company I have working for my life, a career of 18 years was bought out by another company…Amazon.

Needless to say it has been one hell of a crazy year so far! My financial situation was looking bleak and the fear of having to give up one of my many hobbies was looking like a possibility.  There was a moment when I felt I had to give up some of the most important things in my life that gave me happiness.  With the help of my amazing girlfriend we were able to navigate through it all, to this day her continuing support baffles me.  It’s crazy to think that someone loves me so much that they truly want me to be happy and enjoy life as much as possible and to live it to it’s fullest.  She truly wants to help me be successful.  

When I got back to work of course, like everyone when presented with bad news, I automatically assumed the worst. I thought that my job was potentially on the line and I might be forced out. I thought that with the Amazon buyout everything as I knew it would change, Not for the best but only for the worst.  This one job has been the only thing I have vested my life in as my career.  I began to have thoughts of how I would start a new career.  Was I too old to start at the bottom all over again somewhere new? Should I have got to school and gotten a degree?  My thought were discouraging and self doubt started to move in.  But my girlfriend was there and with her support I was able to keep my head up and stay positive. 

Fast forward to now…..

A lot of the change that i feared the most ended up being for the better.  One major change was the buyout.  But as it ended up the company buyout has resulted in old company stock payout 🙂 And being with the company for almost two decades you could imagine that my stock payout was great!  Which leads me to the purpose of my post (other then my amazingly awesome wonderfully supporting girlfriend!) 

I have been able to make some upgrades.  And during this whole process I have been able to reflect and realize that one should always stay positive and always try to make lemonade, even when all life is handing out is lemons.  Hard work will always persevere.  Sometimes things look really bad, but that is when you just have to open you’re eyes and be thankful for what you have and remember that things could always be worse.  Sometimes your goals have to take a back seat to reality, that doesn’t mean they are dead.  As long as you are dedicated to them you can make anything happen. ( GOD I sound like  a religious Disney employee) anyway on to bad decisions!

Most people probably would have rolled their money into an IRA or put it into a 401K, but that’s not me.  I live just a little differently.  With all the bad in the world/ Terrorism, Global Warming, Total fossil fuel depletion, conspiracy theories(yes including the Illuminati) fear of a one world government, Will I have social security to retire, Cancer, Aliens, the U.S. dollar becoming useless, and lets not leave out the Millennials to name a few…..

I’m living for today and enjoying what I can now, while I’m still alive and in good health to do so.  Fuck Financial security, You’ll probably be dead before you can even utilize all the assets you have been slaving to save your whole life.  I’m sure my way of thinking is probably not the best, or might even piss some people off but at then end of the day this is my America and I work hard and therefore in return I like to have nice things.  

Some people find happiness in drinking, some find it in drugs …. for me my HONDA CIVIC that is my happiness. It is My addiction.  When the weekend comes around I’m not trying to “toss a few back” Saturday is NOT for the “boys”.  It’s all about my civic; whether I’m racing it, waxing it (my girlfriend is almost certain the paint is going to come off soon) doing routine maintenance or healing modifying it… One thing is certain I’m trying to do something that makes me happy. remember passion drives success.


Ok, ok  that’s enough rant here is what i did to my civic:

The first thing that might stand out is the First Molding carbon fiber hood, i wanted to try to do anything i could do to aid in the cooling of the K20 heart. im sure there are other ways of doing this but i just don’t think that the vets you add to the hood look all that great, i know i know, i had one on my 240 and in all actuality they are a functional add on but i prefer a much cleaner look of the first molding hood. plus the thing is literally the lightest hood i have ever felt, and we all know what Lotus says: Simplify , then add lightness.

Another addition was something i have always wanted and what i kinda considered the “Holy Grail” of JDM aftermarket parts. Spoon Sports twin block calipers. This was pretty much a no brainier for me not only do they function amazingly, but they look the part too. Im running these in conjunction with Mini cooper rotors, and stop tech pads, and i have them bolted directly to a GSR spindle.   When i was looking up the info on these there was a lot of misinformation because there is a mono block caliper which is for S2k, TSX (accord EURO R), and NA2 NSX ( or NA1 NSX with NA2 rotors. and is meant for a rotor diameter of 300mm. The twin block caliper is designed for ITR and CTR rotors that are 282mm which is the same size as the mini cooper rotor and the mini cooper rotor is already 4×100 so no more drilling prelude rotors to 4 lug. so the way to make it fit your civic or integra that is NOT a type R is… GSR/EX/SI spindle, spoon twin block calipers, ITR front brake pads ( there is a little play in them once slid into the caliper, but this is ok) you also need to grind off the feeler prong on the pad is there is one. also be aware of which side the washer goes on the brake caliper bolts that bolt it to the spindle. there also might be a little resistance since the pads fit a little tighter on the rotor, this should be ok  as long as you can still spin the wheel by hand with out much effort. And MINI COOPER rotors (NOT TYPE S) and as always when doing brakes make sure the bleeder screws are pointed up. this is the only way to completely bleed the brakes if they are pointed down it will not allow all the air to come out, leaving the pedal feeling mushy.

Another amazing piece was the CARBING strut bar. these are made to order directly from japan it took a few months for mine to get here but there is no other way. the craftsmanship is top notch and this one having the added brake master cylinder brace to help firm up the pedal feel even more. I used to have the password JDM 3 pt front strut bar but another “must have” for me was the carbing bar. this is a direct bolt on for EG/DC chassis the EK chassis is different. so even it it is only listed for a DC2 it will still fit an EG

Spoon baffled oil pan, spoon sports magnetic oil and trans drain plugs, and J’s racing thermostat. I’m literally protecting my investment why spend so much on a K series and then not spend 400 more to prevent oil starvation. Oil starvation is a major engine killer, since i use this on the track i did not want to experience oil starvation issues. magnetic drain plugs to prevent any micro metal fragments from running the engine at high rpm’s. and lower temp thermostat to help keep water temps cooler on the track.

years ago i had made my own “C pillar” and rear strut bar combo Z brace which was cool at the time and worked really quite well but I wanted to ditch the heavy steel bars and simplify the rear of my car, and some added bling doesn’t hurt so i ordered a CUSCO rear carbon bar.


3 thoughts on “My Civic v11.0.2

  1. For the Twinblock calipers: did you also have to fit the long hub bolts or did they came already fitted with the GSR/EX/SI (Integra??) spindle?
    I am in Europe so model designations are slightly different here.


    1. You do not have to fit the extended studs. My car had already had them previously. You do need to make sure you are running an ex/si/integra spindle (10.3 inch rotor) I now also have fitted twin blocks on my EK and i do not have extended studs. Thanks for reaching out, hopefully this helps you out.

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