Las Vegas Motor Speedway (LVMS) has a many race tracks on its facility, and is located very close to any Las Vegan in the valley. However there are not as many public track day events as you would think there. This leaves only the Spring Mountain Motorsport Ranch in Pahrump NV, which most people say is too far (yet its only 45-60 min away depending on your location in the valley). As our society only becomes more lazy and only willing to do things that are easy, fewer and fewer people want to make the drive to Pahrump to do a track day. IMO this is what’s making the build of a functional car more obsolete. Since people don’t really have a use for a track car build and It would just be easier to build some stance, hype, parking lot pimpin car to look cool whilst you hit your vape, and explain to someone why you put your STI on bags. I hear too many people say they would build a track car but there is no events in Vegas. So the SCCA is “testing the waters” to see if there is enough interest to hold more events at LVMS and by the looks of last Saturday’s event it seems like there is a thriving track scene in Vegas, and that there are actually other people in town that want to use their cars. I thought the turnout was pretty good, and everything went smoothly. Hopefully we will start seeing more events like this pop up. AUTOX is alright, but nothing will compare to driving on an actual track. Events like these need your support though, because if there’s not enough interest then they won’t continue them. You must support the local scene or it will never grow, and then you will only have yourself to blame for not having events in Las Vegas. Which might be low-key what you want so you don’t actually have to back up all that hype you say about your driving skill.

Honestly though as I walked around it was nice to see that there are other people in Vegas like me that have cars that they use. Cars that may not be the flashiest, but that can definitely get down. Guys that spend their money on tires with a 200 or below tread wear, understand terms like apex, late brake, and know the difference between oversteer and understeer. Even if you aren’t driving in the event  it’s a great place to learn, pick other people brains, and just hang out with other people who are true enthusiasts too. It’s much better to learn from people in a real world environment that can explain things and show you stuff in real-time. Rather than just listen to some deskjocky internet track racer rant on a forum about stuff he hasn’t experienced himself, while he just recycle’s someone else’s opinion.

Anyways, here is what you really came for. The pictures! I’m only going to post my favorites on here, however this is a link to the 200+ pictures on my FLICKR>>>

>>>>>>>>>>>>>LINK TO MY FLICKR<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

If I took pictures of your car, and you live in Vegas. Get in contact with me somehow, lets hang out,  get some food, drive our cars around town like assholes, or do a photoshoot. You can DM me on Instagram @functiontheory, you can email me, you can comment on this post, or message me on FLICKR. Don’t be shy about it either, I mean it.



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