Buttonwillow Open test day

Buttonwillow Open test day

Last Friday I was invited to accompany Patrick to California (Buttonwillow raceway). The original reason was to document his journey down there from Las Vegas, and show people what it takes to get yourself to the track,  just how simple, and relatively inexpensive it is to actually track your car.   If you follow FUNCTIONTHEORY on Instagram you will already know that things didn’t go exactly as planned, and he ended up blowing his engine 4 laps into the day. But this post isn’t about that, it’s just some pictures of the different car that were there to tune. Coming this Friday will be the big write-up on our journey down there, what all happened, and how we ended up getting home.  For now please just enjoy some of my favorite pictures that I took down there and click the link to my FLICKR to see all 150+ pictures.

Let me start by saying that if you are at all shy about attending a track day event with a lot of hype around it. This open tune day is what you should do, Patrick and I both believe this is one of the best kept secrets for anyone wanting to get ass loads of seat time while having the most relaxed atmosphere. We arrived at Buttonwillow at 7:00 am, there were no lines. and parking spots were bountiful. There was a drivers meeting at 8:30 am with only 25 drivers on hand for the AM session, and the track went hot at 9:00 am. There was only 5-10 cars out at a time, there was no run groups, time limits, or any other limiting factors. Yes for an open tune day there is a variety of cars, there was a bone stock Mazda 3, all the way up to an ST3 class R35. You are all allowed to be out at once, so it might be a little intimidating, but as long as you’re aware of your surroundings, everyone is courteous, and professional. I will add that they did mention in the drivers meeting that if there was a lot of people they would break people into run groups, but that didn’t happen that day though. There is a 30 min lunch from 12:30-1:00 pm and then the track goes hot again for the afternoon session. It was 200 bucks for all day or you could buy half days if you wanted. Think about it though… how much could you improve your driving if you drove all day from 9am-5pm!? Would your car even last that whole time? how many extra tires would you have to bring?

Anyway here is the link to the FLICKR with 150+ photos of the event.



Be sure to clock the link at the top of all the pictures to my FLICKR so you can see all the pictures I took.


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