K24A MRS: Ever’s insatiable quest to be happy

K24A MRS: Ever’s insatiable quest to be happy

If you’ve been reading the blog long enough or know Ever personally, you’ll know that the man is truly never satisfied. For most, owning an NSX, MRS, R1, and a 4runner daily would be more than enough to keep us satisfied. Not Ever, he actually owns everything mentioned above and he’s still not happy (well not as happy as he should be). Don’t get me wrong, this is not a negative post where we bash Ever for not being content with what he has. Ever is actually happy with all that he has, and never takes any of it for granted but where most of us would be content, his brain is always dreaming up something new. Most of us can relate to how good it feels when you buy a new car part, or modify something on your car. There is just a special feeling that comes with it, and maybe some might even consider it an addiction. Whatever it is, there is no doubt that the brain is producing more endorphins, which directly correlate to happiness and in Ever’s case, that brings us full circle and helps us to understand why he has such an incurable lust for happiness.

Ever doesn’t drink, do drugs, party, go to the club, or anything else like that. For him, happiness is buying car parts, and fixing up cars. Before you go and judge the man for having all these toys and say “MBN,” think about how much extra cash you would have if all you did was go to work, only eat between the hours of noon and 7pm, and never went on vacation. You could probably afford to have a lot more toys right? Some might argue that you can’t find happiness in material possessions but at the end of the day as long as you’re happy does it really matter what made you happy. Drugs, alcohol, spending money, strippers, doing illegal things. They can all be a person’s way to happiness (or at least what they think is happiness). Most of these things are actually very self destructive, and can keep you in the never ending loop of depression and the lust for happiness.

Let’s be honest, isn’t that why we all do the things we do? To find momentary happiness in something, then we feel depressed that we did whatever we did that made us happy in the first place, and then do it all over again just to be happy again. See, it’s a never ending cycle, and is most often self justified. For me, I know spending all my money on cars isn’t the most responsible thing to be doing and I know deep down it’s wrong, but I can’t ever stop seeking that feeling you get from buying car parts.

As COVID-19 put a halt to any track events for the last three months, for most of us “track enthusiasts” we have been supplementing the happiness we get from being on track with the ecstasy of buying car parts and doing “COVID builds” to helps us momentarily maintain sanity, while we wallow in depression as the lack of track time slowly kills us.

For most of my close friends, we are truly passionate about cars or anything related to Motorsport. For us it’s the reason we get up every day and continue to go to work, the reason we don’t care about clothing/shoe brands, the reason we put off getting a new T.V. (because the small one we have still works), or the reason we can’t justify taking a vacation, it’s literally the reason for us to wake up. It all comes back to the feelings you get from fixing up, driving your car and the joy it brings you (if only for a few hours) Much like heroin, the high doesn’t last long but it feels so good that you have to keep coming back for more. Sure it starts off with small stuff (lowering springs, intakes, shift knobs) but can quickly spiral out of control (motor swaps, turbo kits, wheels, rare parts)

The whole goal of this post is to help you understand why after Ever just put together his MRS, is he choosing to swap out the recently installed 1zz for a K24a. It’s because we are all bored, not being able to go to track events is lame and we need to get our endorphins flowing somehow.

What better way to get your endorphins going than VTEC! AMIRITE? As many would say “Vtec is one helluva drug” and I think that most of you who are reading this would agree. Sure the 1zz was more than enough to have loads of fun on track, but there is no denying the fact that we all want more. More power, more money, more food, more, more, more. For most of us, we will never be happy with what we got, so it’s always MORE! If you’re like Ever or myself, you will never be satisfied with what you have and will oftentimes find yourself asking… Why am I not happy with what I have? I know what I have is awesome, but for some reason I still want more. For most of us, we are only doing it for ourselves. Not for clout, not for the followers, not for showing off, not for any reason other than just the feeling we get from Motorsport. 

To help refresh your memory about what the build process of Ever’s MRS looked like you can click the links below:

After reading those you should be all the way caught up.

Ever’s Last track day with the MRS was in February 2020 (right before the world went crazy). Since then he has been trying to combat cabin fever by fabricating and improving on the MRS. You know, just kind of tinkering with it, anything he could do to just spend some time in the garage working on it. So he bought some track spec Motorsports hood vents (for an E30) and retrofitted them on to his car. He made a front tow hook.

He widened the front fender to accommodate the 15×8 +5 offset wheels, and Made the front and rear bumpers “quick disconnect” by using dzus fasteners.

Made some cooling upgrades by way of a Mishimoto radiator, Spal fan, Mishimoto radiator hoses, and a custom cooling duct to work with the hood vents he installed.

Anyone that is MRS savvy will notice he had to relocate his power steering to make way for the ducting.

Unfortunately this wasn’t enough to keep the cravings for more at bay. With all the “busy work” done that he could think of, it was now time to start looking into the rabbit hole of power. Turbo? No, too many issues. Supercharger? No that was going to cost a fortune. A 2zz? no, that was going to cost quite a bit and he would only end up with about 50 more HP. When he had originally swapped the 1zz into the car he opted to keep costs low by not getting a LSD trans (he just used the one the car came with) which ended up being garbage. So what about if he just bought a c60 6 speed LSD Celica GTS trans and mated it up to the 1zz? Well this was actually a great option, and one he almost went with but the cost of that LSD trans was 2-2500 bucks and he would still have the same underwhelming 1zz.

Honda! like all cases, was the answer. K swap the world, as some would say. A K swap truly is the answer to all things reliable, powerful, and fun. Now Obviously the JDM DC5 K20 with the matching type r LSD trans was going to be the best possible swap, but in terms of affordability this was not the case. A JDM DC5 swap can run you anywhere between 4500-6500 depending on what year, make, and model. Not only would you need 5k for the swap but you would still need to buy all the other things that go along with the swap. Clutch, conversion harness, swap axles, engine management, mounts, and shifter. by the time you’re all said and done you’ll be nearing 10K

The answer… The JDM k24A has been becoming increasingly popular with how cheap they can be, and how with only a few simple mods can make great reliable power. The catch to this is that there are two types of K24’s out there. The ones to get are the ones with actual DOHC vtec (three lobe cams) RBB head (usdm TSX 04-08, JDM accord Euro R 03-07) , the ones not to get are the ones from a USDM CRV, or USDM accord. These do not have the true DOHC vtec system and they won’t make as much power.

It only took a few days worth of research to decide that he was going to do a K24 swap in his MRS. So in the midst of a global pandemic he drove down to Hmotors and picked himself up a fresh JDM K24a swap for 900 bucks cash out the door. With a few modifications this motor will be able to produce above 200 WHP with an unbelievable 180+ LB/FT torque to the wheels. The toque is what really makes this swap so amazing. Torque is what makes your car feel fast when you’re just cruising down the road and give it a little gas. Ever is hopeful that he can get the car to weigh less than 2000 lbs and with over 200 horsepower to the wheels, and over 180 lb/ft of torque, the car is going to be very fun.

Below you can see the K24 in all its glory, and the engine stand that Ever made for it to keep it mobile while building it. When its all done, the engine stand (orange part) can be unbolted and then the transmission can be mated to the engine and still be left mobile.

He also picked up a Type S trans to go with it. No LSD for now, but later on down the road we can learn something new by installing one into the trans.

A must do modification when doing a K24 swap is to change out the stock oil pump and convert to a K20 Type S style. AFHKparts.com has done all the hard work and put together a complete kit to retro fit this oil pump on to a K24.

Next up essential for making this swap a success, the mount kit. Ever chose to not use the innovative kit because they only mount the engine at three parts (two sides and one rear) the rear would mount to the sub frame and he read that under certain conditions the sub frame would twist and distort. His mount kit of choice was “Mitch’s auto parts” this kit enables you to use the factory Toyota mounts (which is good for Ever because he already had upgraded bushings in his) and the kit utilizes all four factory Toyota mounting locations.

Next up, You would normally need to run a CRV engine post mount to make a K24 swap fit in most vehicles. Ever has opted to just get the Ktuned CRV style bracket, this will also enable him to eliminate the A/C and Power steering from the motor (since its an MRS it already has electric power steering) and no one should have A/C in their race car.

When you buy the motor usually you don’t get a flywheel with it, and you should always put a new clutch in when doing a swap.

And lastly some Insane shaft swap axles.

That’s as far as he’s gotten for now, COVID has made shipping things difficult and some things are out of stock still. He is currently still waiting for a Trac tuff swirl pot and oil pan baffle, and he will be switching out the stock k24 VTC cam gear for a 40* drag cartel one. As with all the builds we do on here, we will be doing step by step how-to’s for every major step of the build. I’m super excited to see how fun this car is going to be when it’s completed.

Below are just a few shots of both our cars together

Below is the accumulating parts

and some more of our cars.

Please stay tuned for more to come with this project. Even if you’re not installing this in a MRS you’ll still be able to learn from a lot. The K24 is about to to sky rocket in pricing IMO, this very reliable, very capable engine has been the scenes best kept secret for a long time. Only now as more people start to swap these motors into their cars are others seeing the potential of this swap. Just think about it, for half the cost of a B16 long block you can get a much newer, better technology, and probably less mile motor. Then you can either choose to ball out on a JDM type r trans, or get a non LSD type s for half that, or even just get a EP3 5 speed trans for even less. Yes of course you’ll need mounts, axles, and wiring… but you would need that with pretty much any swap.

In conclusion, Whatever you’re passionate about in life, make sure you pursue it to the fullest. If your content with being stagnant and never improving or advancing in life then you are just a waste of space. People that don’t do things with passion are doing it for all the wrong reasons, and if you’re a “car guy” and you don’t spend every last bit of money on building your car, then you aren’t a car guy. There should never be a time in life where you feel content, you should always want to make more money, you should always want to be healthier and stronger,you should always want nicer things (whatever they may be), you should always, ALWAYS do what makes you happy. If someone in your life doesn’t allow you to do the things that truly make you happy or doesn’t support your hobbies, then do they truly have your best interests in mind? They can’t, they only have their best interests in mind and are only trying to, in the end, get what they want.

Don’t misinterpret what i’m saying. I’m not saying spend all your money on hookers and blow (car’s and car parts) and be a homeless bum. Make sure you got yourself straight, be responsible, have a roof over your head, don’t borrow money from people to pay bills because you spent all your money on your hobbies. Hold your own, be an upstanding member of society and just enjoy what makes you happy. If the revolving door of depression and happiness means you always have to be buying more car parts to be happy. then that’s what you do!

I want to hear from you! Do you like what i’m saying? do you like what we are doing? Do you have questions about this post or any others? Don’t hesitate to reach out. Email me at Billy@Functiontheory.com, DM me on instagram @Functiontheory, or just comment below.

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  1. Hey Billy,
    Another really good read. Sounds like the MRS is going to be a beast, I look forward to reading more about this build. Family and responsibilities first then cars.
    Cheers bru.

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